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Organic Skincare Business 101



Start Your Own Natural Skincare Business

with this 10-Week International Online

Course for Organic Skincare Entrepreneurs

Have you been dreaming of setting up your own natural skincare business?


If you're like me, you're always reading the labels of your skincare products and trying to understand what all these ingredients are.


I'm here to tell you that it doesn't need to be this way.


You don't need to buy skincare products packed with synthetic ingredients, cheap fillers and animal by-products.  


Not only is it possible to make gorgeous organic skincare with 100% natural ingredients, but you can also run a successful business to sell them.

For years you've been buying conventional skincare products and wondering what on earth you are applying to your skin.


Chances are, you've been asking yourself why there are so few high performance organic alternatives.


Global Demand for Natural and Organic Skincare is Booming

By 2018, the industry estimates that global demand for natural and organic skincare will reach $13.2 billion.


That's right - $13.2 BILLION. We're talking global mega-bucks!


There has never been a better time to launch your natural skincare business.

DIY Beauty Diva

Here's the one secret you need to know...


Wherever you live in the world, people are desperate to buy natural and organic skincare.


They are like you and me - they want to make sure that the products they use on their skin contain organic botanical ingredients.


They want to buy products that only contain 100% natural ingredients and they are willing to spend good money to buy them.


Why I love teaching people how to make natural skincare


My name is Lorraine Dallmeier and I am a Biologist and Organic Cosmetic Formulator.


I have spent the last 10 years researching the use of botanical extracts in cosmetics. I love using botanics for beauty and grow many of my plants in my extensive herb garden.


A few years ago I decided that I wanted to learn properly how to make 100% natural skincare and I discovered this Organic Skincare Business 101 course. That's right - I was once like you and I started my learning journey with this exact same course. 


Fast forward to today and I am now the Director of a world-renowned online Organic Cosmetic Science School which has thousands of students in 130+ countries, I write a popular skincare science blog which has hundreds of thousands of readers and I sell my BeautyCraft app for iPhone which has now been sold in over 75 countries and has received 5-star reviews all around the world. I also run DIY Beauty Diva, a website where people come to find the great skincare recipes.


But most importantly, I now run the course that launched my online career in natural skincare.


My journey into natural and organic skincare tells you everything you need to know about this course - the results speak for themselves. But I am not the only person who has benefitted from this course.

Featured by April 2014

I am regularly featured by the media. You may have seen me before in:

Look at these amazing businesses that were launched by people who took this course!

Merionwen Round BareSkinBeautyLogo Naturally Nourished Round Metta Round bigstock-Young-happy-woman-with-dollar--24419435 So Pure transparent background bigstock-Herb-Therapy-9154886

Are you ready to follow in their footsteps?


I know what you might be thinking...


"I don't know where to start."


"I can't design a successful brand."


"I don't know how to make skincare products."


"I don't know what the laws are."


Believe me when I say that you can also become a successful Organic Skincare Entrepreneur, just like the women who set up these fabulous companies.


Here's the good news - my course will teach you how.


This Organic Skincare Business 101 course will run you through everything you need to know, taking from you from absolute beginner to skilled natural skincare formulator.  


In just 10 short weeks you will have gained enough knowledge to design your own beautiful range of natural skincare products and set up your own skincare business.


You will be well on your way to being your own boss.


Here's what you will learn during my

Organic Skincare Business 101 Course


Week 1 - Skin Science | Be Skin Smart to gain that expert reputation


Learn all about the skin and cosmetic science so you can sound like an expert when you talk to your customers about your products. Understand how different ingredients have different effects on the skin and how the skin stays healthy. This is essential for anyone who wishes to be taken seriously in the world of skincare and organic beauty.


  Be able to understand how the skin works

  Be able to name the structures of the skin

  Learn about the effect of cosmetic toxins on the skin and health

  Learn how the skin stays healthy and youthful


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Poster: A downloadable poster on the structure of the skin

project23dbook project33dbook project43dbook project53dbook project63dbook project73dbook project83dbook project93dbook project103dbook

Week 2 - Research & Development | Know your ingredients


How to research skincare ingredients like a professional cosmetic scientist so you can understand, at a deep level, your natural ingredients and their functions.


    Learn about the different types of ingredient and how they work together

    Become an expert in the therapeutic properties of cosmetic herbs

    Understand cosmeceuticals

    Learn about active ingredients and functional additives

    Work with a wide spectrum of skin-healing plant oils

    Enjoy hands-on research


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Data Reports: 20 free data specifications on the 20 most common natural ingredients

eBook: Plant oil research handbook with space for notes

Ingredient directory: with over 70 natural ingredients

Week 3 - Aroma-Cosmetology | Scented Science


Essential oils are essential as part of your skincare range. They are a complex science in their own right and so I have devoted an entire week to them. There are 100s of essential oils but only a small handful are useful in cosmetics.


    Learn which 20 essential oils are the best for skincare and beauty

    Learn the secrets of good blending for gorgeous aromas

    Understand how aromaceuticals affect the skin

    Learn the secret psychology behind scent and mood to enhance your creations

    Create cosmetics that uplift, soothe, heal, calm and energise.


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Essential oils 'mixology' chart

Factsheets of 10 rarer oils

Essential oil dilution rates calculator

Week 4 - Formulation Skills | Laying the foundation to your success


To launch a high-end niche brand you must become a 'formulator' and not just a 'recipe follower'. This section teaches you how to formulate from scratch using only 100% natural ingredients. It sounds daunting but our method makes it super-simple and easy to follow.


    Learn how to layer your formula to create a high-spec product in minutes

    Get access to Lorraine's own formulation secrets (shhhhh!)

    Learn a simple maths formula to enable you to make any sized batch you need

    Understand how natural additives and botanicals turn an ordinary formula into a      

    spa-quality product that you can sell for 10 x the price


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Formulation Flow Chart: a unique method for formulation

Formulation worksheet: record your formulas with ease

Percentage formulas worksheet

Week 5 - Create your first 100% natural facial skincare range


Formulate your first range of 100% natural spa-quality facial skincare to sell. You won't just be following set recipes, you will actually create your own unique products based your new skills and the lessons you will follow in this week. Be prepared to amaze yourself!


    Learn the secrets of making tinted products such as lipgloss

    Understand the importance of a full cleansing routine and create a facial cleansing      

    range of three products to sell to your clients

    Learn how to formulate oil-free products that are still 100% natural and healthy for

    all skin types.


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

eBook: Lip balm recipe eBook

eBook: Facial aromablends eBook


Week 6 - Create your first 100% natural spa range


Formulate your first range of specialist spa products using 100% natural and organic ingredients. If you plan on working as a facialist, aromatherapist or spa therapist these are ideal products to use on your exclusive clientele. Get real results with these high-power products.


    Learn the many ways to create a bespoke facial masque for therapeutic

    Get special access to insider information for creating spa treatments

    Discover the secrets of formulating anti-ageing products that work

    Create technical products that give your customers an instant glow


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

eBook: Anti-ageing serum blends eBook

eBook: Facial masque therapy eBook

eBook: Spa treatments eBook

Week 7 - Complete your formulation skills with a 100% natural body range


Formulate a fine range of spa-quality bodycare products. Impress your clients with delightful pampering ranges that make their whole body glow with health and beauty.


    Make amazing chocolate products that will match anything from the finest

    European spas.

    Special secret natural recipes for reducing the dreaded cellulite.

    Create a natural body shine lotion that will make heads turn.

    Access the best formulas for exclusive body butters, balms and bars.


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

eBook: Cellulite eBook

eBook: Chocolate spa recipe eBook

Week 8 - Advanced Formulation Skills | Botanical Skincare Science


Here's where you get to really shine and become a super-expert in holistic skincare formulation. Creating formulations from scratch is AMAZING but you can become famous for your use of rare and bespoke botanicals. This week you will learn to extract your own unique botanicals to give your skincare range the fame factor.


    Distill your own flower waters from unusual beauty plants

    Harness the healing power of herbs with maceration

    Unlock the rejuvenating power of 'cosmeceuticals' using traditional herbology

    techniques to create skincare that will turn customers into a loyal fans.

    Create tinted products to delight your customers and make your products stand

    out from the crowd


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

eBook: Botanical Extracts 101

Week 9 - How to sell your products and become a beauty bestseller


You can have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it, you won't make any money. Marketing and selling sound like a big scary animals but Lorraine breaks it down into easy steps for you. Lorraine spent 10 years working in the corporate world and knows all the tricks. This week gives you those magic keys to success.


    Learn how to identify your 'target audience' which will help you sell more

    Access my best tips for free advertising to grab customers attention

    Branding - what does it mean? Learn all the industry secrets

    Use social media to boost your income to epic proportions

    Your marketing mix - what is it? we'll show you how


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Fact Sheet: How to build a great website

Fact Sheet: How to write a press release

Fact Sheet: Advertising 101

Bonus eBook: Organic Certification (USA, EU, Australia, Global)

Template: Product Testing Questionnaire (interactive)


Week 10 - Cosmetic Business Practice | Make sure you comply with the law


Don't even think about launching your skincare brand until you know you meet all the current laws and rules in your country. Cosmetic legislation is very strict and there are certain things you must do. This can sound complex but we have made it super-easy in this project.


    Labelling laws - how to be compliant in a few easy steps

    Keep excellent stock control and increase your profit margins

    Batch recording - the easy way

    Learn how to comply with laws on cosmetic claims

    Calculate those hidden allergens with our easy guide

    How to follow industry Best Practice for healthy work environment & safe skincare.


Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Handout: Ready made PIF template (product information file)

Handout: Cosmetic Allergen Declaration calculator


Plus, you get these special bonuses...

Bonus 1: Get access to my private members-only Facebook group


Join the hundreds of people who have taken this course before you and learn from their collective wisdom in this exclusive Facebook group.


Connect with a group of fellow entrepreneurs online and join a community where we encourage and support each other around the world.


Networking groups such as this one normally cost many hundreds of $$$ to join but you get access to this private members-only group for FREE.

Bonus 2: Receive my exclusive supplier list


When I first started out in skincare formulation it took me a very long time to gradually work out who was the best supplier for the highest quality ingredients.


Some ingredients are tricky to track down and it's not always easy to find a source that sells them!


Receive my exclusive supplier list with over 270 global suppliers in North & South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australasia to find out where to go to get the best quality natural ingredients. It would take you years to build up a list like this - this information is invaluable.

supplier guide (3) facebook_blue

Bonus 3: Get a copy of my Natural Preservatives Handbook


Preservatives are a controversial issue in the world of natural skincare. Many people now want to buy skincare products that don't contain parabens, formaldehyde or any of the other conventional mainstream preservatives.


A number of innovative natural preservatives are now coming onto the market. My Handbook will teach you everything you need to know.


Learn about all-natural preservatives and how they work to offer broad-spectrum protection. This handbook will also teach you about self-preserving ingredients and run you through a list of 'preservatives' commonly used in the natural skincare sector which won't actually work.


Success Stories & Testimonials

Listen to what the graduates of this course have to say... 

Speech white small

"The school gave me the platform I needed to kick start the business in terms of legalities, essential oil concentrations as well as marketing techniques. Not forgetting the  ongoing facebook assistance and support!"


- Geeta Sood, So Pure Skincare

Speech white small

"I started as a complete novice, but the 101 course was so comprehensive, by the end of the ten weeks, I knew all I needed to make my own products and set up in business.  


The amazing online help via the closed facebook forum mean't that any question or query was answered almost straight away - you never feel alone on this course!  


I was particularly drawn to this course because it truly promotes 100% natural skincare, not just paying lip service to 'natural' like so many others, a gemstone amongst all the rubbish."


- Jane Kennard, Naturally Nourished Skincare

Speech white small

"The course broadened my existing knowledge of skincare and enabled me to connect my background in phytotherapy and aromatherapy with my love of natural skincare.


It gave me the confidence to launch Merionwen as professional business and step up from a hobbiest level.


The thing I like best is the ability to create directed skincare for different skin types. Treating everyone as an individual. I also enjoy having the ability to raise the ethics of natural skincare I provide."


- Helen Reeves-Howard, Merionwen Skincare

Speech white small

"Being on week 2 I've already learned so much that I feel like a smarty pants! I can't wait for my next module, the information is so concise and straight to the point, and I've had a couple of "AHA!" moments while reading."


- Elizabeth Pelegrin-New, Course Graduate

Speech white small

"This amazing course has given me the confidence to go from making cosmetics as a hobby to formulating my own lotions and potions to sell. The course is bursting with inspiration and constantly encourages creativity. The information you receive will serve you well for a lifetime and it has become my cosmetics making bible."


- Salena Walker, Course Graduate

Speech white small

"I'm so delighted to be able to create food for my skin - my whole family are reaping the benefits! My friends all say how wonderful the scrubs, moisturising bars and other goodies are.

For anyone wishing to learn more about looking after their skin the natural way, you're definitely in the right place!"


- Marsha Durok, Course Graduate

Are you ready to start your new career in natural skincare today?


There has never been a better time to launch your career in natural skincare. The mainstream cosmetics industry is still churning out product after product made with synthetic ingredients that no one can identify or pronounce.


You now have the opportunity to build up a niche following in a market that is still growing and is in hot demand with consumers.

Natural Formulator

This course has helped hundreds of people all over the world kick-start their dream of becoming an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur.


These women are living the dream of setting up their own business and selling their gorgeous natural products all over the world.


Take my course today to become a skilled natural skincare formulator of tomorrow.

Potion bottle comfrey

Continue your studies with Formula Botanica when you finish!

Formula Botanica is the award-winning and accredited training school for natural and organic skincare.


Once you complete your eCourse, come over to Formula Botanica and check out the next level advanced courses you can complete in order to continue your studies. We offer courses that will allow you to specialise in anti-ageing skincare, facial masques, natural cosmetic preservation, cosmetic stability testing and - organic haircare!


I am Formula Botanica's Director and we would like to welcome you with open arms into our huge global student community.



Enrol now to begin your 10 week countdown to

becoming an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur

For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.


Included in this course:


• 10 weeks of modules including handouts, eBooks, videos and PDFs to teach you how to become an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur


• Exercises and practical assignments to give you experience in formulating 100% natural skincare


Plus the following bonuses:


• An invite to my private members-only Facebook group to benefit from the shared wisdom of other students and graduates


• My exclusive supplier guide


• Natural Preservatives Handbook


14 days unconditional money back guarantee.

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£315 +20% tax

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What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about

Organic Skincare Business 101?

IMPORTANT! Make sure you complete the enrolment process after you've paid for the course or you will not receive your course materials.

Q1. How long is the course and can I study at my own pace?


A. There are 10 lessons which are emailed out weekly but you do not have to study everything within 10 weeks. The course materials and projects are fully downloadable so you get to keep them forever. This allows you to study at your own pace.

Q2. What kind of qualification certificate will I receive?


A. As this is a self-study course without graded tests and assignments, the basic course does not come with a Certificate. You are however very welcome to enrol with Formula Botanica, the award-winning organic cosmetic science school, for further advanced studies when you finish.

Q3. What kind of learning support do I receive?


A. Because this is a self-study program there is no email support from Lorraine directly. However Lorraine runs a thriving Facebook group dedicated for learners on this course. It's an amazing group and you get to stay long after you finish the course.

Q4. I paid for my course but haven't received any materials yet?


A. Did you fill in the mandatory enrolment form after you paid for your course? If you fail to fill in the enrolment form then I can't send out the lessons so make sure you fill that in. Also please check your spam/junk folder for my emails.


Q5. I live in the USA (Europe / Canada / Australia), can I still take this course?


A. Yes. This course is an international self-study program, anyone in the world with access to the internet and a good grasp of English can benefit from this course.

Q6. Who is this course suitable for?


A. Anyone who wants to set up their own natural skincare business. Many of my students have no background in the beauty industry, although some of my students are aestheticians, beauty therapists, herbalists and facialists.  


Q7. Do you cover the legal aspects of selling skincare?


A. Yes. Lesson 10 is all about the legalities for selling skincare. The course covers the EU extensively as these are the strictest laws, but it also covers USA (FDA) compliance and Australia.

Q8. What kinds of recipes are covered by this course?


A. Anyone can become a 'recipe follower' but this course goes beyond that. This course trains you to be a skilled formulator with expert abilities to create a multitude of products from scratch. This will allow you to make much better skincare that clients will pay more for - you may even become a 'famous brand'. I also give away 6 recipe eBooks to give you even more help.


Is your question not answered here? Send me an e-mail at [email protected].

4 More Reasons You'll Love

Organic Skincare Business 101

Speech white small Speech white small

Fast, Friendly Technical Support


Need help with your order? Something not working? Having trouble accessing the materials? I am here to support you.

Tap into Years of Formulation Experience


This course, written by experts in natural skincare formulation, distills 20 years' worth of natural skincare formulation experience into 10 weeks of modules and materials.

Designed for Busy People


Organic Skincare Business 101 has been designed with busy people in mind. You’ve got things to do and so the course has been created to complement your life, not restrict it. Study at your own pace in your own time.

Connect with the Course Graduates


The course has had hundreds of graduates, many of whom now run their own natural skincare business. Tap into their collective wisdom and learn from their experience when you interact with them in the course Facebook group.

Pencil white large Heart white small Facebook square white large

Enrol now to begin your 10 week countdown to

becoming an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur

For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.


Included in this course:


• 10 weeks of modules including handouts, eBooks, videos and PDFs to teach you how to become an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur


• Exercises and practical assignments to give you experience in formulating 100% natural skincare


Plus the following bonuses:


• An invite to my private members-only Facebook group to benefit from the shared wisdom of other students and graduates


• My exclusive supplier guide


• Natural Preservatives Handbook


14 days unconditional money back guarantee.

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for non-EU students

£315 (+ 20% tax)

for EU students


Choose whether you want to pay in US Dollars ($) or British Pounds (£)

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IMPORTANT! Make sure you complete the enrolment process after you've paid for the course or you will not receive your course materials.

Remember to come and say hello to me on Facebook!

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4. Get the VIP student experience.


5. Receive a downloadable lesson for you to complete in your own time.

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